Win a Bedside Reading Book Bundle!

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Value: $307

Ends July 22, 2022.

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Enter for one (1) chance to win a Bedside Reading Book Bundle! (Value $307.00)

Titles include: 

At The Sea by Emma Guiliani 

Dayana, Dax, and the Dancing Dragon by Once Upon A Dance

Dawg Towne by Alice Kaltman

DOUBLEBLIND by Libby Fischer Hellman

Half-Blown Rose by Leesa Cross-Smith 

On The Way To Casa Lotus by Lorena Junco Margain

The Baseball Widow by Suzanne Kamata

The Adventures of Eli Benjamin Bear by Hal Price

The Quinn Essentials For Women by Andrea Quinn

The Secret Love Letters of Olivia Moretti by Jennifer Probst

The Sinister by David Putnam 

The Tiger's Eye by Scott Delaney

The Velocity Mindset by Ron Karr

These Impossible Things by Salma El-Wardany 

Thrive Living A Self-Healed Life by Valarie Budayr

Tidal Flats by Corey Lynn Fayman 

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