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Value: $4,000

Ends October 18, 2017.

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Enter for a chance to win an Expresso Electric Scooter! Only one (1) lucky winner will get to take this home! ($4000 Value)

Agogo’s “Expresso” line of electric scooters will be available on this month!! The line of sleek Italian-styled scooters are the first vehicles in the U.S. to use the game-changing lithium titanium oxide (LTO) technology that charges a battery in under 10 minutes and lasts for up to 60 years. Four SKU’s of customizable scooters will be available retailing for as little as $1500 and up to $4000.

Colors are available in both matte and shiny finishes, with 11 solid color options such as black, navy, median blue, red, orange, gold, gun metal grey, military green, purple and brown. Additionally, the Expresso can be tailored to match favorite NCAA college color duos or pro sports teams. The Expresso line is available multiple battery options, including a removable Take & Go home plug-in version.

Expresso is being brought to market by a group of enviro-techpreneurs who bring together the best of new technology into environmentally-friendly transport solutions. This scooter line features two of the newest technologies: the “Fast Charge” 60-year lithium titanium oxide (LTO) battery and a dual-motor on the wheels that provides the equivalent of a transmission for climbing and speed. The dual motor serves as an innovative “transmission” which extends the distance capability of the battery by 30%. It is also the first dual headlight scooter with one light used for the front part of the road and the other as a conventional headlight. Additionally, the Expresso received the prestigious 2017 Red Dot Award for design and creativity.

“We are the first to bring an LTO battery to a U.S. vehicular application,” said Agogo, LLC. CEO Bill Gary, “In China, this battery runs their mass transit buses and is made by the largest vehicle producer in China. Over 10,000 of them are on the road and were selected as the premiere urban vehicle by the government. One of its most spectacular properties is that it cannot burn, which is why it’s the only TSA-approved battery in the world (next to military grade options). In a test conducted by Altairnano, the LTO battery withstood 25,000 charges, which is equivalent to a daily charge for 70 years. The old lithium ion battery used in an Tesla, will take 5000 charges and only lasts for approximately 10 years (it also takes 5 hours to charge). The Expresso LTO battery charges in under 10 minutes and goes 35 miles. On another note, the old lithium-ion battery is the same technology used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that was recalled and banned on airplanes because of its flammability.”

A division of Los Angeles-based Agogo LLC, who specialize in electric light transport, Expresso is a line of electric scooters that are the first to utilize the game-changing lithium titanium oxide (LTO) battery technology that charges in under 10 minutes – and lasts for up to 60 years. In fact, the Expresso received the prestigious 2017 Red Dot Award for design. The line of scooters come in solid colors, NCAA college and professional sports team colors and are alternately available with a removable Take & Go 2-hour charge battery. Other divisions of Agogo included eStreet and eVintage that offer other electric light transport options.

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